With the announcement of Radical Heights, the new battle royale game being released on Steam, I started wondering if this is the beginning of the copycat rush. Is every game company that can cobble one together going to rush a battle royale game to market?

Radical Heights screenshot

With the juggernaut that is Fortnite dominating Twitch and YouTube — not to mention the recent record-breaking stream where Ninja teamed up with Drake — I think it’s safe to say that the battle royal genre is finally mainstream and here to stay.

And I haven’t forgotten about PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) either.

Fortnite screenshot

I honestly think this is just the beginning. The battle royale genre is still fairly new, and I strongly believe there is huge potential for an even better game in this genre than those we’ve seen so far. PUBG has a fair number of criticisms, and one of them is that it’s a buggy and mechanically-flawed game.

PUBG screenshot

Fortnite, though it has a fun aesthetic, is not void of issues either. Which forces one to ask if Fortnite would be as popular if it weren’t a free to play game.

The question on my mind now is: which company will bring the next evolution in this gaming niche? If Fortnite is to this genre what EverQuest was to MMORPGs, then who will be the World of Warcraft of the battle royale genre?

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