David Brevik is a name synonymous with many successful games, including Diablo, Diablo 2, Hellgate: London, and (more recently) Marvel Heroes Omega. Greybeard Games is his most recent adventure, through which he just released It Lurks Below.

Brevik took to Reddit yesterday to do an “Ask Me Anything” while promoting It Lurks Below. The game was released to Early Access on Steam about a week ago.

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IamA David Brevik, creator of Diablo and Diablo II, working on It Lurks Below. Ask me anything! from r/IAmA


One of the questions he was asked was, what is the elevator pitch for It Lurks Below?


So if you’ve been wanting to see what would happen to Terraria or Starbound if you combined their DNA with a bit of Diablo DNA and had the hybrid result raised in a lab by a mad genius (because even though Mr. Brevik seems like a very nice man and not at all mad, I’ve never heard of a lab raising hybrid DNA-spliced creatures that wasn’t run by a mad genius), then you’ll want to check out It Lurks Below.

It Lurks Below

As someone who loved Diablo and Marvel Heroes Omega, I’m looking forward to playing It Lurks Below. I think it’s important to support indie games in general. In an industry that suffers from a tendency toward sameness and an aversion to risk-taking in its biggest titles, indie games are where we see some of the most exciting and interesting work being done.

Add a gaming visionary like Brevik into the mix, and I would consider it a must-buy.


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