Honestly, y’all are so funny, I could put one of these out every day. But we don’t want to water down the honor that comes with being named one of Gator’s favorite gaming tweets of the week. I’m told that it’s akin to winning the Nobel Peace Prize at the same time as winning the Pulitzer, only … you know … cooler. So without further ado (or BS), here we go:

It’s true that EA is everyone’s favorite punching bag, but they make it so easy. You can’t help wanting to get a couple hits in too. Speaking of which … since the WHO has officially recognized video addiction, maybe we could treat victims by forcing them to play EA games until the mild sense of disappointment and frustration cures them of their compulsion.

Thank you for the medicine @VGHumour.


This tweet is courtesy of @NoahGRacing. I’m going to take these comments as proof that all those hours I have clocked into Forza and Gran Turismo will pay off one day as I begin my career as a professional race car driver.


I know … it’s another Fortnite clip. And watching other people do amazing things in Fortnite only perpetuates the cycle of other people boring you with non-amazing clips from Fortnite. But this one is pretty sweet. I try to only bring the “deep cuts” to the GatorSixCharlie fans.

This awesome double snipe comes from @TypicalGamer.


Reading this sent me into a gaming PTSD spiral. I started recalling all the hours I spent in dungeons, killing rats. Everquest, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, etc. — how do they even have any rats at this point? Some of those zones were basically rat genocide central. I swear if I have to kill one more rat…

Game developers contact @Loudwindow for some fresh quest ideas.


Truth via @innesmck. Painfully, painfully true. I once watched my wife restart a Dragon Age character after playing for 10 hours already because she wasn’t happy with the blush she had chosen for her character. And then she spent another 45 minutes trying to match up the new blush and lip color. I think she was going for something that walked that delicate line between “badass warrior mage” and “Tammy Faye Bakker“.


For gamers, this is the equivalent of,  “When I was your age, I had to walk three miles in the snow.” Only rather less impressive. In fact, this weekend, I was playing Destiny 2 with my son and he was complaining about load times. To which, I responded, “I don’t want to hear that. I grew up on 2-bit Atari 2600 Pac-Man” So yeah, I am guilty of this kind of exchange:


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