Welcome to another edition of my favorite gaming tweets of the week. I’m not officially calling this the “favorite E3 tweets,” version — partly because there are a few non-E3 tweets in the mix. And partly because I want to keep my options open. The world is not done responding to E3, and I am not done capitalizing on that fact.

So anyway, here are a bunch of great tweets that are predominantly about E3…

I want to thank @magicmeows for bringing this to Twitter’s attention. Because it involves adult males reacting to licensed plastic bobblehead dolls, I shouldn’t have to tell you that the language is NSFW. I salute the heroes who could not allow the Gears of War Funko announcement to go un-mocked.

Courtesy of @DaveOshry, here’s another great piece of commentary regarding Gears of War and E3. (Longtime readers of this column will not be surprised to see this tweet here, as I am a sucker for puns.) They are so phunny … I will see myself out now.

Why does this tweet hurt a little bit? Because it’s true. (courtesy of @mr_scientism )

Thank you @zensomething_ for this tweet, which won my E3 office pool for me. I was only one betting on “sick flute skills” being a critical part of E3. (Who’s laughing now Katie? Betting on sousaphones was a rookie move.) Of course, a thank you is in order to @sj_sinclair for displaying those sick skills.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t about gaming … unless we want to consider Twitter beefs a form of electronic combat. Which, in this case, I am. And that’s because IHOP’s recent rebranding to IHOB, has brought out the shade from every fast food chain.  But I’m going to give Burger King the win. They are the Pusha T in this beef.  (Last pun, I swear.)

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