It’s time for yet another edition of Gator’s favorite gaming tweets of the week … or last five to six days … or something. We strive for precision here. Since we are now thoroughly in the midst of hot summer weather, this week the theme is tweets with some cool, cool shade. Which is not to say that all of the tweets below are of the shady variety, but there’s enough to provide some sweet relief and/or good laughs. So read on…

Let’s get things started off with something nice and spicy. For your shady first course, we present a roast of Kotaku courtesy of @PhoenixCE.


@BestGamezUp is next with what I can only describe as the Picasso of gaming rage messages. So few people are able to express anger in a way that is both funny and creepy as hell. The weirdest part is that I kind of believe the guy who wrote this really would raise a dinosaur to exact his insane masturbatory revenge fantasy.


For American kids, summer is really about stealing moments to game between episodes of your mom yelling at you to go outside or standing in the doorway holding a “summer reading list.” The person who set up this photo tweeted by @GamersHeroes  is a hero to 12-year-old boys everywhere.


This next tweet from @Under_Ach1ever hits home for me, though it does leave me standing in the shade with other PC gamers. But if you don’t brag about your graphics card, other people will just assume that their cards are better. And we CANNOT LET THAT STAND! (P.S. I got mine on sale. From a secret website. I can’t tell you the name unless you prove you’re worthy.)


Oh Sony, we get it. Allowing crossplay is not to “your” advantage. Japanese business still operates with Art of War tactics, but in this case, this shade is well deserved. Gamers are not having it. As @9_volt88 points out, maybe Sony could just market games to loners.


This tweet from @VGFGamers is perfectly timed. Not only are the summer sales looming, there’s also the summer Steam sale … or as we call it in my house, “The Let’s Expand My Gaming Backlog Sale.”


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