With the announcement of Radical Heights, the new battle royale game being released on Steam, I started wondering if this is the beginning of the copycat rush. Is every game company that can cobble one together going to rush a battle royale game to market?

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  1. I can’t stand the genre, honestly, and hope is dies a quick death. It caters to a passive play style for one. Players loot up, run to the middle of the map, and camp until the circle shrinks (PUBG). Fortnite literally has players build forts to avoid gunfights and the developers will be adding instant forts. Shotguns are insanely over powered. As a run and gunner from old COD and Battlefield games, it really doesn’t appeal to me. The game is slow and when there is FINALLY some player interaction, it’s a race to who can build a bigger fort. If the majority of players played like Ninja or Dr. Disrespect, then I would say the game has potential, but the majority of players don’t. Nine times out of ten, I get blasted by a douche hiding in a corner with a shotgun. Just simply not for me. Good podcast by the way! You now have five listeners, lol. Take care.

    • I agree with every point you just made. I would like to see an evolution of the genre just to see where it goes. Thanks for comment and listening, appreciate it!


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