If you’ve visited this website before, you may have noticed I have a video section on my homepage. This section is reserved for videos that 1. cover gaming or gaming culture, and 2. I consider some the best videos on Youtube when comes to gaming.

Lucas Raycevick is a repeat author of these types of videos.

The video that I’m highlighting today is titled You Can’t Put Gameplay On The Box by Raycevick. Like most of Raycevick’s videos, it is one of the finest crafted and edited videos on Youtube covering gaming today.

You Can’t Put Gameplay On The Box is a well written, excellently-voiced, and beautifully-edited video that discusses games that surprised him, which he was surprised he enjoyed. Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a game by its box.


Currently, I’m working on an essay piece that discusses the influence of Roger Ebert on criticism and how he defined criticism in movies and film. I am going to explore the “Roger Eberts” of video gaming and what makes them influential voices.

One of the things that defined Ebert was his command of language and his professional restraint. In contrast, I notice that most of the video game reviewers on YouTube lack those traits and take a more sophomoric approach to criticism. My point is Raycevick is an “Ebert” among current game reviewers, which you can see in his essay and well-crafted videos.

I encourage you to check out his whole channel.


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