Today, we’re introducing a new feature — our favorite gaming clips of the week … or thereabouts. Because time is relative and so is my desire to carefully count the time span for a clip compilation.

That feeling (which in lesser people might be called “laziness,” but in my case is simply “things less fun then getting a snack and playing more Diablo”) has been turned up to 11 by the selection of these clips. Let’s be honest. When you’re watching other people play video games, there comes a point when you devolve into Roman Emperor-style decadence. And the only thing that keeps you from clapping your hands at the screen and yelling, “Entertain me!” is the fact that it upsets the servant girl who is feeding you grapes.

At least, that’s how I watch game clips. You don’t? Weirdo. Anyway, let’s get to the clips before the guy hired to fan me goes off duty:

Season 5 has been released in Fortnite and that means it’s time to make a few dreams come true. That is, assuming your dream was to go golfing with a putter made of balloons while looking like an evil Iron Man. (clip courtesy of u/Daniel543M on Reddit)

We Golf Simulator now. Even shows your putts in the killfeed 😀 from r/FortNiteBR


Everyone knows the Grand Theft Auto world is crazy, but even crazier is the fact that it can still surprise you. This clip is a great illustration of possibilities in this game, like flying a rocket bike to a yacht off the coast. (courtesy of @dew1911gaming )


Playing Rocket League makes me feel old in a way that can only be matched by hearing a song from my youthful clubbing days playing on the grocery store sound system as I try to decide which high fiber cereal to buy. Honestly, someone just scoring a goal in this game is sorcery to me. So this clip … well I have no words. (Sorcery via @Evample2 )



This recent Top 10 is from @DooM49, and is good for a laugh even if you hate PUBG. Some of these goofs are uncannily familiar — though I don’t know if that says too much about my PUBG play.


This clip from the Overwatch League is pretty impressive. Widowmaker extraordinaire  shows the skills, and England is having a bad 24 hours. #Croatia #LAGuardians


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