It has been a while since I last shared some awesome gaming tweets. Frankly, I’m amazed that Twitter managed to go on without my help. To be honest, I got a little tired of having their CEO call me and beg me to do another article of curated Tweets.

With that said, I hope the wait was worth it. Today, I have some nice deep cuts for you folks.

This first one is from @Mc_Johanson and contains the kind of self-deprecating wisdom we could all use. It kills me to admit it, but I’m not sure what game this screenshot is from. However, I can confirm that trying to google it will open a new world of online video game addiction shills.


If you are like me, you have been playing way, way too much Destiny 2 — especially the latest Forsaken expansion, which adds a bunch of new stuff to the Destiny universe. The following is an accurate reproduction of my reaction when I heard actual sound coming from the protagonist. This tweet is courtesy of @OsakanDestroyer.


Now there are reasons to go to IKEA other than cheap meatballs and trendy furniture made of cardboard reinforced by the tears of failed relationships. In anticipation of the fact that your girlfriend has stormed out following a dispute over the Bjursta extendable table, Ikea knows you now have much more time for gaming and will need to track when the market closes in Hyrule and Azeroth.


This next tweet is from Norman Caruso ( @GamingHistorian ) who is an actual gaming historian. (Side rant: Why the hell did my high school career counselor not tell me you could be a gaming historian? I feel so cheated and jealous.)

Anyway, gaming historian Norman Caruso highlights the plucky backstory of Doc Louis in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. This is the stuff that makes great documentaries. Imagine a Hoops Dreams-style movie following Little Mac and Doc Louis and their inspirational effort to rise up against all odds. I would pay to see that.


This next gem is from @bobbybigballz19, and this tweet is what Twitter is all about. It’s genius. In less than 180 characters, he manages to convey who he is, humor, and a narrative.  Check out his twitter — especially if you like gaming-related humor and you’re fan Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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