Our Top 5 favorite gaming Tweets this week.

Number 5

This tweet isn’t technically about gaming, but there is some real wisdom here.

Number 4

We have all been there, playing a game, you’re in the zone, and… you forget to capture your greatness. Arghhhh…

Number 3

Had no idea how gangsta the Arbiter could be.

Number 2

If you don’t know who Jim Sterling is, well then you’re welcome. Check out his Youtube channel. His videos are informative, entertaining and just downright funny. Plus the way he insults EA is just something special.

Number 1

Let’s face it, this is so true. Red Dead 2 is going to be another megahit, and you know no one wants to release near that date.

Well, that wraps up this week, let me know down in the comments if you found any particularly funny or awesome tweets this week.

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