If you been navigating my website over the past few days, you may have noticed a trend.

“I started this blog for a few reasons, but one of my strongest motivations was a desire to combat the cycle of mob mentality and rage-induced criticism that is so prevalent on social media — particularly in Youtube video game reviews.

When I subtitled the website “Joy of Gaming,” it’s because that simple phrase reflects an ethos I want to encourage. That is, a more positive and mature focus on video game analysis and discussion.”

When I find a video or article that I feel does criticism the right way, I don’t just want to promote that voice. I want to scream from the top of a mountain, “This! This is what I was talking about! Do more of this!”

Today I present you a video from Cleanprincegaming. Here he discusses Warframe and why the industry should pay attention to this game. And frankly, he does it very well.


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