About a year ago, I tried Path of Exile. However, I didn’t really give it a fair shake. For a few short-sighted reasons, I played it for about 4 or 5 hours and moved on. I’d like to say I stopped because I had to dismantle a nuclear bomb and save the eastern seaboard. But the real reason was that my attention span has withered like the Battleborn player base thanks to Diablo’s casual play style.

I’m not going to lie. Path of Exile in-game systems are pretty intense if you are coming from Diablo 3. But I am here tell you to give Path of Exile a try. It will be worth it.

Really, you’ll thank me.

Long, long ago in the mists of the distant past (specifically, on November 16, 2018), I was sitting at my computer, lamenting the fact that Blizzard did not announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon. What’s more, I’d learned that the self-appointed Citadel of Ricks that constitutes gaming journalism believed I was “entitled” to even want another Diablo sequel.

It’s true. My selfishness knows no bounds. Wanting a product that I would pay for and devote hours playing makes me an entitled shit bag – at least, according to many gaming journalists and a few douchebags on the internet.

And that’s when I took my time and my cash and moved on. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again. Why should I take the blame when you’re being the jerk?

What moving on would help me discover is that Path of Exile is content rich – especially for those of us who are cash-poor.

With the Path of Exiles league system, every 3 months or so, the game pivots and adds a new content system, which essentially keeps the game fresh. By design, Path of Exile is in constant evolution.

If like me, you played several seasons of Diablo 3, you have very low standards for game change. The only evolution taking place in that game is when the developers say, “Here. Play the same content over again,” and toss you a new character portrait frame.

When that dawned on me, I thought, “How in the hell is Diablo 3 still a thing?”

While Diablo 3/Blizzard is rewarding players who grind the same content over and over again by presenting them with new portraits, Grinding Gear Games is making massive updates every three months with new content.

Path of Exiles leagues include:

Delve League
Incursion league
BeastEarRE league
Abyss league
Harbinger league
Legacy league
Breach league
Essence league
Prophecy league

And then there are the actual expansions:

War for the Atlas expansion
The Fall of Oriath expansion
Atlas of Worlds expansion.
Ascendency expansion

And that’s not even all of them.

The point is that with Path of Exile we have an incredible Action RPG. Here. Now. Today.

And the real kicker? It’s free to play.

Seriously. You don’t have to spend a dime to try or play it right now. It’s on PC and XBOX and coming to PS4 in a few weeks.

Of course, it’s not on phones … assuming you all have phones, of course.

Though I should add that the game isn’t without its challenges

For example, if you’re coming to Path of Exiles from a game like Diablo 3, as soon as you start, you’ll realize you been swimming in a kiddie pool your whole life. Now, you’re swimming in an ocean. Not even that. You’re jumping out of a helicopter into frigid shark-infested waters in the Arctic circle. While wearing a thong.

Path of Exile’s progression systems dwarfs Diablo 3’s like a like a 400lb man riding on one of those comically small motorcycles while juggling elephant seals.

To say there is a learning curve is a bit of an understatement. It’s like saying water is wet. Or that Jim Sterling doesn’t much care for microtransactions. But don’t fret. I started this journey a few days ago, and the resources for this game are plentiful. Between Reddit and Youtube, there is a wealth of info to get you to loot hunting and enjoying this game in no time.

This isn’t review, it’s more of Public Service Announcement for all those “entitled” Diablo refugees. There are options out there that don’t include tapping a tiny screen with your fingers and pretending that this is the ARPG experience you hoped for.

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