What are the odds of guessing a Steam code?

This has probably been a question that many children playing PC games (and even man-children) have pondered: Can I guess my way into a free game? Well, the question has finally been answered via a Q & A on Quora.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Quora. It feels like 80% guesses with 20% legitimate responses, but I have to be honest. This question did pique my interest. Looking at the credentials of the person who answered the question indicates that the answer he provides is likely legitimate. Though answered in a very complicated exponential way, he makes it clear that the odds of guessing a Steam key are astronomical. But if you have a few years of free time at your disposal, and you’re willing to sit there and punch in random numbers and digits until your fingers become bloody stumps, then go for it.

Or you could just drop the cash to support the game developer. Which is definitely less time-consuming.

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