What or Who is GatorSixCharlie

Who am I?

Who are any of us, really? Is it even possible to know ourselves without spending a lifetime in contemplation?

Oops … that was actually the start of my other website, “Pretentious Philosophical Musings.” Weirdly, people were really unenthusiastic about it.

I started GatorSixCharlie as a place to discuss video games and gaming culture. I want it to be an antidote to the negativity and nitpicking that is overtaking discussions of gaming on some platforms. That’s why the site is subtitled, “Joy of Gaming.” Because that’s our mission — celebrating the spirit of fun that makes games great.

As for the more workaday answer to who GatorSixCharlie is, that’s simple: I’m a dad, a veteran, a gamer, and a regular guy who wants to share a love of gaming with the world.

Want to talk, submit an article, or plan a play session? Send me a message at gatorsixcharlie [at] gmail.com.